Some helpful directions

We are north of Chiang Rai's city center. After crossing the Mae Kok river, you continue northward.
At the intersection where you can turn right to the airport, continue driving northward (just before you arrive at this intersection, you will see a Makro store at your right hand and at the intersection you will see a restaurant with a windmill).
After 2.1 km you arrive at the next intersection with traffic lights, continue northward again.
You will pass a temple -Wat Nanglae- at your left hand after 2.2 km. After you pass this temple turn left at the first small street (approximately 350 meters north of the temple; you will see a black road sign with "Bambuh" in green letters here). Follow this road until you arrive at a small T-junction where you turn left; after about 20 meters turn right and continue on this road that goes uphill. After about 200 meters turn left (another "Bambuh" road sign) and drive till the end of this small road and you found us.
Coming from the north (Mae Sai / Mae Chan):
After the police checkpoint just south of Mae Chan you will pass the Mae Fah Luang University first and then arrive at an intersection with traffic lights. Take the first U-turn after this intersection (you will see a Cosmo gas station at your left hand first). The U-turn is exactly opposite the temple at your right hand. From there follow the directions described above.

Traveling by public transport
When you travel to Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai or from Bangkok/Lampang by public bus, we recommend to use the services of respectively the Green Bus company and Sombat Tours since both companies have bus stops close to our place. Do not step out at one of the two main bus terminals (no. 1 or 2) of Chiang Rai (the first one is just south of town and the second one is in the city centre).
The Green Bus stops at the market in Baandu and Sombat Tour will stop at their main terminal north of town. Inform us on your expected arrival time or give us a call on +66 841511255 (or with Thai number 084-1511255) and we will pick you up.