Green as Bamboo

We've chosen to name our small resort Bambuh Boutique because it represents our personal view on how to treat both our planet and our guests.
We aim to run our resort as environmentally friendly as possible which is symbolized by bamboo with its durable, renewable, strong yet flexible qualities. Also our lush garden is bordered by large bamboo bushes.
We recycle our waste, use energy-friendly LED lightning and serve organic coffee and tea and offer you natural spa products in refillable dispensers. Also our rooms offer a ceiling fan besides air-conditioning so guests can choose to save energy.
A fine example of our recycling policy are two new spacious villas that are being constructed in the typical northern Thai architectural style on stilts. We use only recycled wood from knocked down old wooden houses.

Boutique stands for the way we love to treat our guests to make them feel at home as much as possible. We decorated our rooms with lovely bamboo furniture and accessories with an elegant touch.

And we felt that we had to give the name a little twist by the spelling of Bambuh as we like to do things a bit differently...